Maha Al Musa, Wise Birth Oracle, Award Winning International Birth Mentor since 1997, Author & International Speaker presents:



~ Unlock and Awaken Your Ancestral Womb Wisdom ~


A comprehensive and reassuring online birth preparation program designed to: 


Help you explore the beautiful, mystical, and transformative aspects of pregnancy and birth.


Remind you of the inherent maternal knowledge you possess, of your valuable voice, and of your freedom to decide what is best for you and your baby.


Transform your insecurities, doubts, and fears with the one Universal Truth that birth belongs to mothers and babies.

    This program is for pregnant mothers who want to dive deeper into their birthing journey and who innately know that giving birth is meant to be a sacred, instinctual, and embodied experience.


    And for birth keepers interested in profoundly deepening their understanding of the birth journey and purpose through a sacred, wise-lens so they can reframe it and share it with mothers-to-be.

      Why I created this online program

      I come from strong birthing roots. My Palestinian grandmother birthed her nine babies in our family birthing house in the village of Al Qubab that no longer exists...yet lives forever in my heart. Through her legacy, she showed me that the birth experience can be one that builds the strong foundations of Mothering, a woman's life-blood, that flows through the veins of every woman. It is from this sacred blood that we, as a collective community, support one another through this rite of passage to feel and be a part of Earth's rhythm.


      After birthing my first son Kailash in 1996, I was completely in awe of birth's power. I remember thinking to myself, why doesn't anyone speak about the majestic, liberating qualities of birth? Why is this aspect so hidden while the negative, sensationalized, stories get all the limelight?


      I wanted to fix this paradigm by shouting from the rooftops that birth can be the most powerful and deeply transformational experience a woman can have when she has the opportunity to find her wild and raw nature without feeling suppressed, manipulated, or controlled.

      This is why I created this online program - to share the immense qualities of birth that are available to every woman.


      The way in is through the doorway of surrender. And we surrender when, on a deeper level, we know that the spiritual, emotional, psychological, and physiological elements of birth’s purpose are our greatest gift.


      I am adamant that all birthing women be treated with dignity and utmost care both physically and psychologically by a society that acknowledges birth in its truth. As the truth and depth of birth’s expression is to ultimately elevate Love Consciousness for all of Humanity. The time is now!


      This online program is for all those who want to sip from the tree of ancient knowledge that I share. It is a perfect way for you to get close to my heart and be guided by my many years of lived wisdom so that you too can come home to your own heart, hands, womb, truth, and baby.


      May you dance to the rhythm of the music as you give birth to the rhythm of your body and the rhythm of Life.


      Mamaste 🙏🏻

      I invite you to view your pregnancy and birth journey another way.

      This way places you and your baby at the very heart of the experience and as experts of birth.


      The EmbodyBirth™ preparation program will lead you away from any negative imposition that surrounds you as you research what else could be possible.


      I want to share this knowledge with you because I wholeheartedly know from the lived experiences of my own three pregnancies as nature intended that your expertise will shine a light on your maternal wisdom. 


      I birthed my last child at home. It was a beautiful water and lotus birth when I was 46 years of age the biomedical model labels as geriatric and therefore too risky to give birth naturally - let alone at home!

      Immerse yourself.


      The time during pregnancy and birth is an opportunity for transformation and growth. It is a space where the seeds for your own spiritual journey can be planted.  Be mindful and don’t let anyone take that away from you. 


      This online program is for you if...


      -you are seeking an immersive experience in your pregnancy journey.


      -you want unwavering and conscious support and guidance so you can prepare for your upcoming birth.


      -you have the willingness to navigate the depths of your own womb wisdom and find the diamond within that represents your power as a mother.

      With me, you will be lovingly...

        -Inspired through a soulful and spiritual journey into the heartland of your birthing way.


        -Supported by my passionate stance and extensive wisdom on the subject of birth that stems from my many decades of childbirth experience and from my own personal birthing experiences.


        -Guided by my deep understanding of birth to inspire and powerfully build your confidence and strength for birth.

        Wow! I received so much more value than what I paid for. I have been able to absorb all of Maha’s timeless knowledge that I have not been able to receive anywhere else. 


        Now moving forward in prep for the birth of my baby my mind has been expanded beyond just the physical act of giving birth and I have a new sense of consciousness around my journey. 


        I am so grateful that I found Maha and her online program. This program, like no other, is one that I will watch repeatedly to inspire as my pregnancy unfolds. 


        I would highly recommend this e program to any woman going through her pregnancy and preparing for birth. 


        Thank you so much Maha. 

        - Layla

          What if your pregnancy and birth journey ...

            -was a potent, powerful, and peaceful experience where your baby is born Earthside into your arms of love (not the sensationalized version portrayed by the mainstream media).​ 


            -was reassuring and gave you practical advice and tools to move you beyond your fears, barriers, and debilitating belief systems about pregnancy and giving birth.


            -gave you immeasurable strength to ignore all the naysayers and meet yourself in labour with the utmost confidence as you begin your sacred transition from maiden to mother.


            -revealed that you have everything you need inside of you and that you can access and activate your ancestral birth map and nature’s blueprint when your birthing time arrives.


            -encouraged you to make an informed decision if and when a complication might warrant further action or medical attention because you understand the physiology of birth from a holistic and sacred lens that complements the medical model. 


            -gives you the confidence to address “pain in childbirth” because you no longer have to hold onto the general narrative that childbirth pain is a “horror story”.


            -helped you understand that practicing gentle movements during pregnancy and using them as an anchor during labour can shine a light on your inner awareness that speaks to how your body, mind, and heart are always connected during childbirth. 


            -deepened your knowledge that self-inquiry, reflection, and exploration give a clear vision of what you desire for your birth experience and can weave a meaningful tapestry for you and your family.

            How would these things change your birth experience?

            It would open up your amazing potential.


            This program is a chance for you to be liberated from your fears about pregnancy and childbirth and help you shape and cultivate the wise-women, wise-baby possibility that lies within you.


            How would you feel if you had a deep-seated knowledge of the spiritual aspect of birth?


            What if you could address the energies and subtleties that impact birth and are too often ignored or disregarded?


            What if you could give birth without stressing over the number of centimeters you have dilated or the timing of your contractions but, instead, trust yourself and your baby?


            What if you could boldly step into a place where the choices you make concerning your pregnancy and birth are upheld and revered?

              You and your baby deserve all this and more!

                You seek a peaceful birth and wise principles beyond what is presented by modern-day birthing culture. 


                You want to avoid over-medicalized and controlling practices because, deep within, you know that your body is designed to give birth just as nature intended. 


                You know that at your very core, you carry profound, rooted knowledge and the desire to give birth in complete wholeness.


                You know there is a better, more holistic approach to birthing your baby into this world surrounded by joy and love.


                You know that pregnancy and birth can deepen your connection with your partner and help you communicate your birth choices effectively and lovingly to ensure their support.


                EmbodyBirth™  awakens your womb wisdom so that you are autonomous and able to be guided by the knowledge that already lies within you


                  But perhaps you're wondering...

                    Is it possible to have a non-medicated, intervention-free, and spontaneous birth just as nature intended birth to be? 


                    Yes, it is possible.


                    Maybe this is your first pregnancy or you have given birth before but it did not go as you planned or it was interfered with.


                    Maybe you felt out of control giving birth or that it was a traumatic experience.


                    Maybe you had a Cesarean birth and now desire a VBAC (vaginal birth after Cesarean).


                    Or maybe you are searching for more inspiration and positivity so that you can do things differently this time around.


                    This program will help you experience pregnancy and birth with confidence and self-determination.


                    Maha gives a deep part of herself that is so generously delivered where I as the listener can fully absorb her potent messages without the need to do something. It allows me to be in the moment listening to Maha’s birth wisdom. And it has changed my outlook from being scared to being excited and embracing what’s to unfold!

                    - Stacy

                    What makes EmbodyBirth™ different?

                    EmbodyBirth™ is a philosophy and a movement within a community that upholds the values of a freedom in birth rather than a series of steps. It is not a "how-to" guide for birth because you already know  just may need support to awaken your innate knowledge.


                    EmbodyBirth™ says that you do not lack anything when you are giving birth which is often the narrative pregnant women hear from the biomedical model.


                    EmbodyBirth™ is not about saving you from yourself. I fully support the richness of your birth and baby wisdom to motivate you to believe in yourself as the expert of your own birth


                    EmbodyBirth™ will anchor you in a strong lifelong foundation as you step into the role of a parent whether you are birthing your first baby or your fifth.


                    EmbodyBirth™ strives to share with the world that pregnancy and birth must be revered and the mother, father, and baby must be unequivocally respected regardless of where or how birth happens.


                    What is included?

                    A breakdown of what is included within each module.

                    All chapters are presented as video lessons so you can stream anytime from the comfort of your home, and have one or more parts including exercises and activities. Each module also begins with an introduction video where I share with you an in depth explanation of what I cover in the module. 

                    • Module 1: Laying the Groundwork for Your Birth Preparation

                      Chapter 1: Mother’s Womb - Your Baby’s First Home

                      Chapter 2: Personal Inquiry and Refections

                      Chapter 3: Imposed Fears Vs. Innate Fears

                      Chapter 4: Birth Choices and Influences

                      Chapter 5: Creating Your Birth Vision Tapestry

                    • Module 2: EmbodyBirth™ Philosophy & Psychology

                      Chapter 1: The Experts of Birth - A Mother and Her Baby

                      Chapter 2: Your Birthing Body - Harmonizing Subtle Bodies

                      Chapter 3: Birth Environment - Factors That Influence Your Experience

                      Chapter 4: A Model of Love for Birth

                      Chapter 5: Birth is Not an Emergency, It is a Spiritual Emergence

                    • Module 3: EmbodyBirth™ Physiology

                      Chapter 1: Nature's Blueprint and Your Map of Birth

                      Chapter 2: How Baby Initiates Birth and Hormones in the First Stage of Labour

                      Chapter 3: The Primal Brain and Birthing Brain Waves

                      Chapter 4: The Pelvis, Cervix and Jaw - A Perfect Birth Alchemy

                      Chapter 5: 1st and 2nd Stages of Labour – A Journey Through the Birth River

                    • Module 4: EmbodyBirth™ Practice (The Al Musa Method of BellydanceBirth®)

                      Chapter 1: The Circle
                      Chapter 2: The Figure 8

                      Chapter 3: The Spiral
                      Chapter 4: The Chest
                      Chapter 5: The Hands and Arms

                      Chapter 6: The Cervix


                    Choose a one time payment or a 3 month payment plan and get immediate lifetime access to EmbodyBirth™ ~ Unlock and Awaken Your Ancestral Womb Wisdom.

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