EmbodyBirth™ International Association ~ School for Conscious Childbirth 


A Powerful Online Childbirth Resource

that equips doulas to share the knowledge of birth as a sacred event,


and provides a spiritually immersive experience for mums-to-be preparing for conscious birth.

One Time Payment

​Payment Plan

In my efforts to make quality childbirth education affordable for all, I am able to work something out with those who cannot afford the full price of the program at this time. If you are in need of financial assistance, please email me at info@mahaalmusa.com.

As a doula, your clients are your No. 1 priority

...but perhaps the mothers in your care are:

  1. Searching for a deeply sacred, meaningful, and positive birth experience.

  2. Afraid of giving birth for the first time because of how it is portrayed by the media.

  3. Scared of feeling out of control after having a previous traumatic birth experience.

  4. Desiring to claim their power in pregnancy after being controlled or let down by the medical model.

  5. Seeking to gain the confidence to give birth as nature intended.

  6. Looking for practical and powerful ways to move their body during labor to aid in childbirth.

Do you feel you are lacking a childbirth preparation resource that will effectively address these concerns for your clients?


Then you are in the right place!


  • Birth is meant to be an

    instinctual and embodied experience

    ...but when your client is engulfed in fears surrounding childbirth,

    it’s easy for them to become stuck in seeing birth as a negative experience. 


    EmbodyBirth™ ~Unlock and Awaken Your Ancestral Womb Wisdom~ is an online birth preparation program that helps mothers address their fears so they can immerse themselves in their birth preparation journey

    with renewed clarity and confidence.

  • EmbodyBirth™ is...

    NOT like any other childbirth preparation program.


    It is a comprehensive deep-dive into self-discovery! 


    It reassures and affirms a mother’s innate power to give birth

    and it always places mothers and babies at the -> center <- of the experience.


    If you have a strong desire to support expectant mothers

    with their babies through this rite of passage...this is the program for you!

  • Stand out as a doula!

    The contents of Embodybirth are unique. It's knowledge and wisdom can set you apart as a trusted guide who has a deeply spiritual perspective on childbirth.


    It can give you the confidence you need in your career to help more clients have successful and incredible birth experiences.

This course is worth every cent...and more!


Maha is undoubtedly gifted in what she does. Her words are deeply nourishing and her teachings are precious.


As soon as I started this course I felt more connected to my body, to my baby, to my birth, and to my feminine wisdom than ever before!...Not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally. I feel more balanced and grounded. These are much needed experiences in third trimester. Thank you Maha!! I hope to meet you in person one day. 

Ele Paganini, Mom

The Story of EmbodyBirth™

My Palestinian grandmother birthed her nine babies in our family birthing house, in the village of Al Qubab Palestine that no longer exists...yet lives forever in my heart.


Through her legacy, she showed me that the birth experience builds the strong foundations of Mothering that flows through the veins of every woman. 


After birthing my first son Kailash in 1996, I was completely in awe of birth's power. 


I remember thinking to myself, why doesn't anyone speak about the majestic and liberating qualities of birth? Why are these aspects so hidden while the negative, sensationalized, stories get all the limelight?


I wanted to fix this problem by shouting from the rooftops that birth can be the most powerful and deeply transformational experience a woman can have - when she has the opportunity to embody her true nature - without feeling suppressed, intimidated, manipulated, or controlled.


This is why I created this online program; to share the immense qualities of birth that are available to every woman regardless of who they are or where they come from.


Globally, I have taught EmbodyBirth™ in person to doulas and childbirth educators, as well as moms-to-be...and now I am offering my teachings online so that everyone can access the sacred wisdom of this program.

May you too, come home to your own heart, hands, womb, truth, and baby.

Pictured Above: Me with my children - 2019

I'm Maha, and I am the mother of three beautiful children. I birthed my last child, my beautiful daughter Aminah, when I was 46 years of age - a home water lotus birth.


Since 1997, for 24 years, I have been an international, independent childbirth educator, activist, mentor, counselor, speaker, and advocate for public and natural term breastfeeding.

Pictured Above: Me with my daughter Aminah after giving birth at home at age 46.

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of the EmbodyBirth™ Online Program

What's Included


When you purchase EmbodyBirth™, you get life time access to:

  • 4 modules with 21 chapters included
  • 2 x audio meditations
  • the full BellydanceBirth® dances from my  award winning video series Dance Of The Womb
  • suggested art and journaling exercises

​​​...as well as other creative activities and Maha's more than two decades of birth wisdom that you may share over-and-over with each new mom-to-be that is in your care.

  • Module 1

    Laying the Groundwork for Birth Preparation

    • Chapter 1: Mother’s Womb - Your Baby’s First Home

    • Chapter 2: Personal Inquiry and Reflections

    • Chapter 3: Imposed Fears Vs. Innate Fears

    • Chapter 4: Birth Choices and Influences

    • Chapter 5: Creating Your Birth Vision Tapestry

  • Module 2

    EmbodyBirth™ Philosophy & Psychology

    • Chapter 1: The Experts of Birth - A Mother and Her Baby

    • Chapter 2: Your Birthing Body - Harmonizing Subtle Bodies

    • Chapter 3: Birth Environment - Factors That Influence Your Experience

    • Chapter 4: A Model of Love for Birth

    • Chapter 5: Birth is Not an Emergency, It is a Spiritual Emergence

  • Module 3

    EmbodyBirth™ Physiology

    • Chapter 1: Nature's Blueprint and Your Map of Birth

    • Chapter 2: How Baby Initiates Birth and Hormones in the First Stage of Labour

    • Chapter 3: The Primal Brain and Birthing Brain Waves

    • Chapter 4: The Pelvis, Cervix and Jaw - A Perfect Birth Alchemy

    • Chapter 5: 1st and 2nd Stages of labour

  • Module 4

    EmbodyBirth™ Practice (The Al Musa Method of BellydanceBirth®)

    • Chapter 1: The Circle

    • Chapter 2: The Figure 8

    • Chapter 3: The Spiral

    • Chapter 4: The Chest

    • Chapter 5: The Hands and Arms

    • Chapter 6: The Cervix

So many childbirth education classes are based on what an outsider can do for the pregnant mother, as though they are the only holders of the knowledge. 


What I absolutely love about Maha's EmbodyBirth™ program is that it inspires mothers to find that wisdom and birth map with their baby for themselves. 


It's a beautiful and heart opening program that every pregnant mother will adore and any teacher will love to teach!

Ms. K, Doula


Historically, the practice of belly dancing during pregnancy as a way to prepare for labor and childbirth has been used for centuries in the Middle East. 


In recent years, belly dancing has emerged in the West as a powerful prenatal exercise. 


The gentle, circular movements of this dance provide low impact exercise that:

  • Promotes good posture

  • Naturally lubricates joints

  • Reinforces abdominal control

  • Eases discomfort in pregnancy

  • Strengthens the pelvic floor

  • Reduces labour pains

  • Help position baby into an optimal position in the pelvis

  • Assists the mother as she moves through labour contractions (expansions) and rhythms. 

  • Brings awareness throughout pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum recovery.

EmbodyBirth™ is the first and ONLY childbirth preparation program that shares BellydanceBirth®  and includes these techniques in the program.


As the founder of this method of BellydanceBirth®, and having taught it for 24 years, I can confidently say it is an art of grace, spiritual alignment, feminine embodiment, ancient wisdom and an enjoyable, gentle way for mothers to prepare for childbirth.


Having the knowledge of BellydanceBirth® can set you apart in your field of work as a doula...it's a skill expectant mothers (tired of the same old aerobic exercises) will value!


No dance experience is necessary and babies love the womb movements!

Before EmbodyBirth™ a question kept flowing in my mind...when did womankind forget that we have the natural instinct to birth? Why do we give our power away to hospital staff and medical teams?


Maha program beautifully reminds us - birth is not an emergency, it is a spiritual emergence. 


With this knowledge of EmbodyBirth™, I will continue my passion of helping women re-connecting to their natural state where they are the expert of their own body.

KC, Birth Keeper

Learn about EmbodyBirth™ Philosophy


One Time Payment

​Payment Plan

In my efforts to make quality childbirth education affordable for all, I am able to work something out with those who cannot afford the full price of the program at this time. If you are in need of financial assistance, please email me at info@mahaalmusa.com.

Frequently asked questions

+ Why is it called EmbodyBirth™?

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+ Will I have lifetime access to the course?

+ Can mothers buy this program for themselves?

+ Do you offer payment plans?

+ What will my clients get out of this program?

Since taking Maha's program, my approach to birth has become much more spiritual. 


The portion of BellydanceBirth® was so amazing! Maha has a unique background which has given her the ground roots and knowledge of this amazing art of belly dancing, and how it can help prenatally and in labour to bring awareness to the woman and offer her empowerment.


Thank you Maha, for giving me a more spiritual approach to birth!

Wendy, Midwife and Birthlight Tutor

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